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With its Rocky Mountain heritage and uncompromising brewing standards, Coors Light is one of the fastest-growing light beers in the world. Coors Light is dedicated to ensuring that every bottle is ice-cold and refreshing. The cold-certified strip on the bottle will let you know when your beer has reached the perfect coldness for optimal enjoyment. The crisp, clean taste of Coors Light is the perfect pairing for picnic food, spicy food and American fare.

4.2% ABV
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Heineken has been brewed since 1873 and reached America in 1933 as the country's first imported beer. It remains the most distinctive beer brand in the world thanks to its unique three-ingredient recipe and brewing process. Heineken is an international brand with a premium reputation. Decades have passed, but its image of sophistication without pretension remains a steady beacon for import beer lovers everywhere.

5.0% ABV