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DDC Founded by Angelo DeCrescente

It all started with one delivery truck, three employees and a 100 sq. ft. garage.

DeCrescente Relocates

After outgrowing their original warehouse, DDC makes their first move to the former Strange Mill Building.

The Warehouse continues to move

The warehouse relocates to the former Fortune Building in Mechanicville, NY.

Warehouse Expansion continues in Mechanicville, NY.

The former Mastrianni Coal Yard becomes the new site of the DDC warehouse.

Carmine DeCrescente Sr. becomes President

The torch is passed to the next generation.

Angelo DeCrescente retires

After 27 years, Angelo steps down from the flourishing business that he built from the ground up. Pictured from left to right: Carmine Jr., Carmine Sr., and Angelo.

Acquisition of Cordone Distributing

DeCrescente gains the rights to Miller in Schenectady County, NY

Carmine DeCrescente Jr. (C.J.) begins to work at DeCrescente

C.J. joins his father, Carmine Sr., at the family company. The same year, the warehouse moves again to the former government building on Upper North Main street in Mechanicville.

Acquisition of T.J. Kennedy Distributing Co.

DeCrescente gains the rights to Heineken in Saratoga County.

Acquisition of A.J. Farone Distributing Co.

DeCrescente gains the rights to Molson in Saratoga County.

1 Million Cases Sold

This milestone was reached the same year that DeCrescente acquires Gateway Beverage, gaining the rights to Pabst & Piels in Schenectady County.

Warehouse Operations Moves to Their Current Site

The same year that the new warehouse was constructed, DeCrescente acquires E&D Beverage, giving them the rights to Molson and Pabst & Piels in Albany County.

Acquisition of J-Mar Distributing

DeCrescente gains the rights to Miller brands in Washington & Warren Counties.

The Nonalcoholic Division is Established

DeCrescente shakes things up with the launch of their New Age Division.

DeCrescente is appointed Saratoga Water & Arizona Beverages


Acquisition of Keis Distributing Co. and Fitzgerald Brothers

DeCrescente gains the rights of Miller, Heineken, and Diageo in Albany, Rensselear, and Columbia Counties as well as the rights to the Coors & Corona brands in 9 of their 11 counties.

Acquisition of Burken Distributing and Eveready Beverage Co.

DeCrescente gains the rights to RC Cola in all of their 11 counties as well as Miller and Molson in Greene County.

Acquisition of Amsterdam Distributing Co.

DeCrescente gains the rights to Pabst and Piels in Fulton, Montgomery, and Schoharie Counties. The same year, DDC wins the first of six Coors President's Awards.

Carmine DeCrescente Jr. (C.J.) becomes President

Prior to becoming President, C.J. worked various positions within the company, including Sales Rep, Supervisor and General Manager. The same year, DDC acquires the Russo Bros, giving them the rights to Snapple in Saratoga, Schenectady, Washington, Fulton, and Montgomery Counties.

4 Straight Founders Awards

DeCrescente is named the top MolsonCoors distributor in the NATION an unprecedented four years in a row.

A tornado hits DeCrescente Distributing

The facility suffered major damage with over $3M in casualties to the building, fleet, and inventory. However, the building was only closed for 1 day as operations tried to ensure that customers were minimally affected.

The Craft Beer Division Is Established

The purchase of Black Forest kicks off the Craft & Specialty Division at DeCrescente. DDC goes on to win the Craft Distributor of the Year Award in 2013.

DeCrescente wins Global Award

DDC wins the Beverage World's Wholesaler of the Year Award. The same year, they acquire Northern Distributing, giving them the rights to Labatt, Sierra Nevada, and Genesee in Rensselaer and Albany Counties.

DeCrescente gains rights to Heineken & Diageo in Washington & Warren Counties

The same year, Carmine DeCrescente is awarded the Miller Legends Award and the organization wins the Diageo Golden Bar Award.

Matt DeCrescente & Carmine DeCrescente III Join the Family Business

Both men continued on to work various positions throughout the company. Matt focused on using digital solutions to streamline business practices, while Carmine excelled in communications and building strategic business partner relationships.

DeCrescente wins the Miller High Life Achievement Award

Making it the third time they received the honor in five years. DDC also wins the Heineken Red Star Award this year.

DeCrescente is the first Distributor in NY State to receive the SHARP Certification

SHARP (Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program), is a certification through OSHA that recognizes small businesses that operate an exemplary injury and illness prevention program.

DeCrescente is Awarded the Capital District's Best Places to Work Award

DDC is proud to have won this award for 14 consecutive years and credits the family-like culture as a top reason they continue to receive the honor.

DeCrescente acquires the rights to Polar and Cadbury brands in all 11 counties

The same year, DDC also acquires the rights to Coors, Corona, and Moosehead brands in Washington and Warren Counties.

New Sales & Marketing Building and Point of Sale & Service Warehouse Allow for Continued Growth

Just across the street from the Main Headquarters, these two buildings total 53,050 sq. ft. combined. The conference room in the Sales & Marketing Building seats up to 150 people and allows DDC to host large trainings and events.

The Wine & Spirits Division is Established

DDC expands its impressive portfolio to now include wine, spirits, canned cocktails and more.

DeCrescente acquires the remaining rights to Heineken in their 11 county footprint


A Brewery Opens On-Site

The brewery began as a way to train employees, but since has expanded to retailer training as well as team building activities.

Carmine DeCrescente III is appointed Vice President

Prior to becoming VP, Carmine worked various positions throughout the company including Brand Manager, Human Resource Manager, and VP of Distributor Services.

DeCrescente wins Family-Owned Business Award

The Albany Business Reviews honors DDC as the best family-owned business in the New York State Capital Region.

DeCrescente breaks ground on 66,000 sq. ft. addition to the warehouse

DDC begins its largest facility expansion in 10 years, bringing the warehouse to a total of 258,000 sq. ft. and our headquarters building to 325,000 sq. ft.

DeCrescente acquires distribution rights for Wise Chips

DDC begins distribution of WISE, one of the nation’s largest producers of snacks, including their iconic Golden Original potato chips, Ridgies, Cheez Doodles, Onion Rings, Popcorn and more.

Warehouse expansion completed

DDC completes its warehouse expansion, adding 15 additional loading docks and giving our Fleet Technicians and Service Departments more space to operate.

DDC celebrates 75 years in business

DDC celebrated its 75th anniversary with a full year of employee events, culminating in a companywide summer celebration where one lucky employee won a brand-new Jeep Wrangler!