We are very excited to announce our newest member of the family, Sempre Ricordare!

An idea that depicts the importance of family heritage while providing an authentic Italian taste, blended together in a bottle of wine, was a vision that C.J. DeCrescente recently turned into reality. Sempre Ricordare has an emphasis on the coming together of family and friends; remembering the past and appreciating the present. It is a wine that everyone can relate to in their own way alongside their loved ones. The name Sempre Ricordare, ‘Always Remember’ in Italian, was appropriately selected to represent the special photograph presented on the bottle’s label.

Men and women dining at a table

About the Label

The image displayed on the label is a typical Sunday afternoon dinner taken in 1958, where CJ’s mother Mary, grandmother Josephine, grandfather Angelo, brother Leo, aunt Babe and father Carm would all get together and enjoy each other’s company over dinner. Family & friends were always welcome as well, a true Italian tradition.

Sempre Ricordare wine bottle and glass

About the Wine

This Super Tuscan wine is imported from Florence, Italy, and is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese grapes aged in large French oak barrels. Sempre Ricordare presents an elegant pallet with beautiful layers of dark fruit, pairing perfectly with a rich steak, veal or savory Italian dish.

Sempre Ricordare wine bottle

Available Locations

We hope you’ll enjoy a bottle of Sempre Ricordare with family, friends and exceptional food at any of the following establishments, or purchase a bottle from any location below to enjoy at home. Salute!