DeCrescente Distributing Company is celebrating its 75th anniversary on Monday, June 26th. This would not be possible without all of our incredible supporters, employees, suppliers, customers and others in the community. Below is an excerpt from our most recent employee newsletter, where our President C.J. DeCrescente shares his thoughts on what got us to this point. When you’re finished, I encourage you to check out the Our Story page on our site, our Awards & Accolades page, and our Careers page to learn more about our company’s history and culture. 

Click here to read a PDF version of the article below. 

“When asked to write about DDC’s 75th anniversary, I began jotting notes down. Who could have ever imagined these notable changes and accomplishments? Let’s take a drive down memory lane together…”

  • 2 employees to 420+
  • 6,000 sqft facility to 375,000
  • 1 county to 11
  • 1 truck to 55 (delivery, special event, service)
  • Box trucks to side loaders to power liftgate tractor trailers
  • Cooler shed to cooler warehouse
  • Propane to all-electric forklifts
  • Night deliveries to chain stores
  • 1 delivery shift to 2
  • Loading your own truck to dedicated loading shifts
  • Warehouse loading incentives
  • Manual checking to weighing cases
  • Driver handheld computers & phones
  • 48-hour delivery
  • Single beer division to 3 divisions (beer, na/snacks + wine & spirits)
  • 12 items to 2,100+
  • Books to MSI to iPads/phones
  • Pay phones to 2-way radios to beepers to Nextel to iPhones
  • Choice of sales Vehicle (no white vans or white station wagons)
  • Suit and ties to business casual
  • Shorts and T-shirts for uniformed employees
  • Telesales to over 500 customers
  • Online ordering and payment
  • Driver Commission
  • Yearly pay review for all employees
  • No longer accept cash!
  • Draft install / Service department
  • CO2 and beer gas sales
  • Cleaning of draft lines
  • Specialized sales by channel
  • Social media surpassing radio promotions
  • Make your own banners to an advanced sign shop
  • Employee Activity Committee and employee events
  • Wellness Clinic & Fitness Center
  • (PA & PT, free gym with round-the-clock hours)
  • Affordable and employee-friendly medical coverage
  • Uber safe ride home program
  • Onsite pub & brewery
  • Employee assistance program
  • Full-time dedicated trainer with leadership classes
  • 4-day work weeks (based on department)
  • Employee Appreciation Day, birthday, day after Thanksgiving off
  • Internal job postings before external
  • Incredible safety focus!
  • NY state returnable container act (bottle bill)
  • MillerCoors merger
  • Years of Service and President’s Awards
  • Best places to work for 13 consecutive years
  • Voted healthiest employer for past 3 years
And the most important: living our mission & company values every day!

“What a ride it’s been! Thanks to all of you who’ve seen so many of these positive happenings and helped make the company what it is today. For
those not here that long, I’m sure you will be adding to our list for the future! All the best! – CJ”