Samuel Adams Boston Lager has been remastered to match the modern drinker profile. The
reformulated recipe still uses the original 1984 recipe, however the process has evolved to improve sessionability.

What Has Changed:

While Boston Beer has never renovated Boston Lager to this degree, the lager has
constantly evolved as they work relentlessly in pursuit of better beer. Boston Beer has
optimized their brewing process, worked with farmers to refine their hops and even
revamped their glassware. Now, through a German Reinheitsgebot technique called
Biological Acidification, Boston Beer has reduced steps within the filtration process and the
resulting Boston Lager is brighter and easier drinking.

How's The Taste:

Based on external sensory testing, New Boston Lager has higher sessionability and a
more refreshing, cleaner aftertaste than the original recipe. In the focus group, most
drinkers identified a noticeable difference in the new formula, calling out the aroma, a round malt impression and a soft mouthfeel that leads to a fast finish with no lingering bitterness
or astringency.

ABV: 5.0%
IBUS: 30

Boston Lager Remastered is now available in New York State only, and is available to you at your local beverage center, grocery store, drug store, gas station, virtually everywhere! The lager is available in 12oz bottles for both 6-pack and 12-pack. Try the new Boston Lager Remastered today!