Heineken Silver is an extra refreshing beer, for real.

It’s made with a special ice-cold brewing process that creates a crisp, refreshing taste free of any rough-tasting tannin flavors.

And at 4% ABV, it’s easy to crush, with a subtle finish you’re going to love.

We appreciate your interest in this brand-new product that has just arrived in the 518. You can ask for it starting now at your favorite bars and beverage marts, and they can get it right from us DeCrescente Distributing Company. You can use our store locator tool to find it near you, and we’ll continue to update it as it becomes available. Click here to go to our store locator tool.


What does Heineken Silver taste like?

Heineken® Silver is brewed at a chilled -1°C, resulting in an extra-refreshing lager with a less bitter taste and a crisp, subtle finish that’s effortless to drink.

How does Heineken Silver taste compared to regular Heineken?

Heineken® Silver features all the same pure, 100% natural ingredients people love from our original recipe. What makes Heineken® Silver different is the ice-cold lagering process. By brewing Heineken® Silver at -1°C, more cold haze is allowed to form and be filtered out. This removes proteins and rough-tasting tannins, leaving a delightfully refreshing taste that’s accessible and easy to drink.

Thank you for your interest and you can learn more about Heineken Silver by clicking here.