Like our team here at DeCrescente, the owners of The Hideaway at Saratoga Lake Golf Club understand just how important the team around them is to their success. “They take care of us as much as we take care of them,” said Chad Dorrough, who owns the golf course restaurant with his business partner Chris McCarthy.

The Hideaway is unconventional in many ways, including how they employ a “culinary team” instead of a sole executive chef who gets burnt out working 60 to 70 hours per week, Dorrough said. Each chef on the culinary team works five days per week with two days off and gets vacation time; perks that aren’t all that common in the restaurant industry.

On top of being an amazing restaurant with a passionate fanbase of golfers and local foodies, The Hideaway also boasts a banquet facility hosting events with up to 200 people. They’re busy enough to be open seven days a week and not just during golf season either.

During football games, the Hideaway has a special food menu with pizza logs, wings and even a rotating “garbage plate” that honors a different NFL team every week. Then, throughout the year you’ll even find events like dueling pianos, comedy shows, beer dinners and more on their calendar. “We really push the envelope when it comes to what this building can do,” Dorrough said.

Here are a few other quick hits about The Hideaway:

What Are the Most Popular Dishes You Serve?

A super Fried Chicken Sandwich, hand battered, with pepper jack cheese, coleslaw and fried onion straws on a brioche bun. Our Reubens are also very popular and so are our lobster ravioli.

What Can People Expect When They Visit The Hideaway?

We call it The Hideaway experience. You’ll be greeted politely by our servers who will strike up a conversation with you and make you feel comfortable. You won’t be rushed. We want this to feel like your home away from home.

What’s Next for The Hideaway?

We’ve cultivated a reputation and we’re no longer in a spot where we need to have more people come through the door. We’re now focused on improving the guest experience and that will help us build on our success. The hardest thing to achieve in this business is longevity.

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