Did you know that DeCrescente distributes workout drinks like alkaline water, isotonics, energy drinks and more?

Here are some you should try the next time you get your workout on! When you’re done reading, click here to use our product locator tool.


OWYN stands for “Only What You Need,” and it’s not just a name, it’s a philosophy! Their plant-based protein shakes are free from the Top 8 allergens and formulated with clean ingredients! Look for it at your local Hannaford store and more in flavors like vanilla, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, and more.

C4 Smart Energy

Available in a variety of flavors, C4 Smart Energy has 200g of caffeine derived from green coffee beans in every can. It tastes great and it also contains cognizin, a clinically studied ingredient that supports mental focus, attention, and recall.


Essentia is the only premium bottled water clinically shown to better rehydrate. Their waters are 9.5 pH or higher ionized alkaline and it tastes so good!

Core Hydration

Core believes wellness is “whatever works for you,” and their water certainly will deliver. Purified and enhanced with electrolytes and minerals for taste, Core water has a balanced pH uniquely designed for every lifestyle.


BioSteel is a premium sugar-free sports drink designed to keep you hydrated throughout the day. BioSteel is made from clean, quality ingredients, essential electrolytes and contains no artificial flavors and colors.


The No. 1 sports drink in Mexico, Electrolit has finally arrived in Upstate New York! Produced with pharmaceutical quality grade ingredients, it tastes great and comes in clutch during your workout or as you recover after it!