Have you ever heard the term stein hoist and wondered what it meant?

A stein hoisting competition is a traditional Bavarian strength contest to see who can hold up a one-liter stein (think big glass mug) for the longest amount of time.

The rules are you hold the stein straight out in front of your body, arm parallel to the ground, and you can’t brace yourself with, say, a hand on your hip. That would be cheating!

This year, Boston Beer Company is hosting a ton of stein hoisting competitions locally for a chance to win tickets to a New England Patriots game with a hotel or travel voucher!

Things kick off at Kris’ Mid City Tavern in Menands and end with the championship round Saturday, October 15th at the Mill in Round Lake, where all of our winners will square off to see who will take home the grand prize.

Check out the complete schedule below.

We hope to see you at a few of these events over the next few weeks. If you aren’t going to compete, at least come have a beer and enjoy yourself! Until then, here are a few more stein hoisting facts.

How much does a stein weigh?

A full stein should weigh about 5 lbs.

What is a good stein hoisting time?

According to ussteinholding.com, an average men’s competition will last between 3-5 minutes and ladies will last about 1-3 minutes.

What is the record for stein hoisting?

The U.S. Men’s National Record for stein hoisting is 21 minutes and 17 seconds. The U.S. Women’s National Record is 5 minutes and 34 seconds.

Click here to read more facts about stein hoisting. See you soon!