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Electrolit Zero

Premium hydration, now with zero sugar and zero calories. In Strawberry Banana and Blue Raspberry flavors.


Good energy only! No scary ingredients (or packaging), no bad vibes and no sugar! Natural caffeine from green tea, carnitine for weight management and amino acids to help build muscle. In Berry Alixir, Blood Orange, Cherry Lime and Strawberry Watermelon flavors.

Surfside Lemonade Pack

Enjoy a new, refreshing variety of lemonade + vodka flavors including Lemonade, Raspberry, Strawberry and Black Cherry.


Dogfish Head Tequila Margarita Strawberry Lime

For our Margarita, we blend authentic Tequila Blanco with our Dogfish Head Triple Sec combined with real fruit juice from succulent strawberries and citrusy limes.

Miller Lite x Luke Combs Limited Edition Can

Luke Combs is back on tour and to celebrate, they’re dropping the new Miller Lite x Luke Combs limited edition 16oz can.

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Crisp and fruity with a hint of honey, this ale brewed with Michigan cherries is light on the palate, yet full of surprising depth and flavor. The cherries contribute a tart fruit character, while a touch of honey adds a slight sweetness.

Ithaca Tropical IPA

We’re keeping it simple with a refreshing, thirst quenching, and balanced west coast IPA using our favorite Mosaic, Galaxy, Citra hops. The dynamic combination adds a tropical splash of mango, passion fruit, soft stone fruits, berries, and citrus.

Wolf Hollow El Lobo Loco

A Mexican-style light lager brewed with white peppercorns for a hint of spiciness and lime zest for a hint of citrus.