New year, new you – and more importantly, new drinks! Check out what’s new from some of our biggest suppliers. Ask for them near you or use our product locator to see where they are already at! Click here to go now.

Happy Dad Hard Seltzer

One of the most popular brands on Social Media, Happy Dad seltzer is a great tasting, easy-to-drink hard seltzer with low carbonation. Flavors include Fruit Punch, “Death Row Records” Grape, Raspberry “MOM,” Banana and Lemon-Lime.

White Claw 0% Variety

A new wave in drinking. Enjoy a full flavor, non-alcoholic premium seltzer at only 15 calories with hydrating electrolytes. In Lime, Black Cherry, Mango and Peach flavors.

Monster Nasty Beast Hardcore Tea Variety

Tea with attitude. Crack open a can of our new Nasty Beast Hardcore Tea and you’ll see it’s by far the best tasting Hard Tea out there. At 6-point “Oh Yea” % alcohol, it’s smooth as silk, but still gets the job done. In Original, Tea + Lemonade and Green Tea flavors.

New Belgium Hardcharged Tea

Delivering both the flavor of a refreshing iced tea and a caffeine kick, Hard Charged Tea’s 7% ABV goes down smoothly, with little notice, due to the lemon-y iced tea aroma and citrus-y sweetness. All natural tea flavors provide a clean finish with a refreshing citrus snap! In Lemon and Peach flavors.

Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White

At under 0.5% ABV with 80 calories, Non-Alcoholic Belgian White is light and refreshing, and brewed with Valencia orange peel that made its namesake the No. 1 craft beer in America.

Guinness 0

Brewed with our new cold filtration process. This ensures you get the same smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavor and unique dark color of Guinness Draught, just without the alcohol.

Lifevine Wine

ZERO SUGAR WINE Now, that’s Sweet!® We set out to craft delicious wines that also fit your active lifestyle and are proud to deliver wines with zero sugar* and award winning purity. We do all of this without sacrificing taste or alcohol levels.

Surfside Lemonade + Vodka

Surfside is proudly made with 100% brewed iced tea, lemonade and Stateside Vodka. It’s 4.5% ABV, 100 calories and no bubbles. A great option for football game days!

C4 Ultimate Energy

Teaming up with the WWE, C4 introduces Ultimate Energy. It’s supercharged energy you can feel. In Ruthless Raspberry & Berry Power Bomb flavors.