We recently honored employees who celebrated milestone work anniversaries with us in 2023 with a steak dinner at Salt & Char in Saratoga. It’s one way we recognize those who have given us so much over the years! Thank you to our Years of Service winners and if you’d like to learn what a career with us would look like, please click here. 

Celebrating 30 years

Eric Izzo

Celebrating 25 years

Greg White   Mark Varone     Mike Wilkinson

Celebrating 20 years

George Bourdeau    Scott Brown     Jeffrey Lavine     Kelly Konifka     Tim Bombard   Jim DeVoe

Ryan McGough    Monty Pyle

Celebrating 15 years

Conor O’Brien     Zach Bashford     Cindy Hankle     Tom Alix     Chris Loszynski     Mark Ott

Celebrating 10 years

Curt VanDerzee     David Ridgeway    Tom Neumann     Matthew Clickner     Christopher Wagner     Antoinette Hulsopple    Melissa Vandenburgh     Christopher Testo