A new Prosecco has arrived and is already flying off the shelves for more than one reason….

It’s not every day you walk into your liquor store and are immediately drawn to a product because of the design of the bottle….but there’s one in particular that’s been stopping consumers right in their tracks for an up close look of the beauty it displays…and that’s Brilla Prosecco.

The intricate detail found in the design of every single bottle is getting our Prosecco lovers very excited. Brilla was born from the idea of combining the world of Prosecco with one of the greatest expressions of style and elegance: Jewels. The Italian bottle was created with texture that is reminiscent of diamonds, with an emphasis on pear shaped diamonds that represent purity and elegance. Every time you open a bottle of Brilla, the magic of Italy unfolds right in your glass. And if you think all of that sounds fancy….just wait until you taste this stuff….

Brilla! blue bottles
Brilla! Prosecco Doc

What You See: Typical crisp and delicate perlage, pale light yellow colour
What You Smell: Delicate and complex bouquet with fruity notes that remind of peach green apple with second notes of acacia and lilac
What You Taste: Fresh and light on the palate, with balanced acidity and body harmonic with a long persistent aftertaste
Pairs Well With: A perfect combination to hors d’oeuvres and delicate first courses. Also wonderful with sushi, fish and shellfish

Brilla! pink bottles
Brilla! Prosecco Doc Rosé

What You See: Fine bright perlage, light rosé colour
What You Smell: Delicate and complex bouquet with fruity notes that remind of peach, green apple and lemon
What You Taste: Floral notes of acacia and rosé. Fresh and light on the palate, with balanced acidity and body.
Pairs Well With: Excellent with fish soups, grilled fish and courses based on mushrooms

Party with Brilla!

We’ve talked about the design of the bottle and the taste of the product, now it’s time to discuss these labels. With the sparkling pinks and blues that these bottles display, it’s hard not to think of all the fun ways you can incorporate these at parties and celebrations…

Brilla! bottles and cupcakes

Have fun with these Brilla bottles at a gender reveal party! Is it a boy or a girl? Let your guests decide by choosing their drink, or taking a bottle home as a party favor.

Brilla! blue and black bottle

Pop some bottles at the next Bachelor/Bachelorette Party!

Brilla! pink bottle and roses

Our Mom’s deserve only the best every day of the year, but Mother’s Day is a perfect excuse to shower them with a little extra love!

Brilla! blue and pink bottles with USA flag

Red, White and Brilla! Celebrate the 4th of July this year popping bottles of the good stuff!

Purchase Brilla Prosecco Today!

Now Available at the Following Locations:

Albany County

Wine & Spirits of Slingerlands
Smith Colonie Wine & Liquor
Schanz Wine & Spirits
Sabatino’s Liquor Store
Westmere Liquor Store
Diana’s Wine & Spirits
Broadway Plaza Liquor
Uptown Wine & Spirits
Cork & Bottle Wines & Spirits
Island Spirits
Loudonville Wine & Spirits
20 Mall Wine & Liquor

Greene County

Catskill Wine Cellar
Jefferson Wine & Liquor
Country Sq. Wine & Liquor

Rensselaer County

Grapeful Wines & Spirits
Hannaford Wine & Liquor
Vineyard Wine & Spirits

Saratoga County

Jones & 50 Wine & Spirits
Old Saratoga Wine Spirits
Post Time Wine & Spirits
Spa City Wine & Liquors
Boca Bistro
Embassy Suites by Hilton

Schenectady County

Grapevine Wine & Liquor
Personal Wine Cellar

Warren County

Oropallo’s Disc Wine & Liquor

Brilla! is available in Prosecco DOC, and Prosecco DOC Rosé. It is available in 750 ml bottles and 187 ml bottles, so whether you’re popping bottles at a larger event, or looking for party favor for your friends and family, Brilla Prosecco has you covered. Learn more about Brilla by following them on Facebook or Instagram!