At DeCrescente Distributing Company (DDC), investing in the growth of employees is not just a priority but a core value.

Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Alexandra Richer, the company’s Business Intelligence Analyst – Operations, who shared her inspiring journey through DDC’s Management & Leadership training program. Alexandra is shown third from left in the above photo, along with her fellow M&L class gradudates.

How did you get into the Management & Leadership program?

“I was excited to be recommended for the M&L training by my manager, Ryan McGough. There was an application process that included asking for internal references and answering questions about career achievements and goals and how you see yourself as a leader.”

What was the class like?

“There were six two-hour training sessions, most of which were accompanied by a homework assignment that asked us to reflect on what we learned in class. We also had to complete a final project where we set goals to help our development. We covered a variety of topics and focused on emotional intelligence, establishing yourself as a leader, building teams, and motivating others.”

What is something you learned?

“I learned about the “Happy Hamburger” where you deliver feedback starting with positive encouragement, then constructive criticism, and then ending with more positive encouragement and support. By sandwiching constructive feedback between positive encouragement, you can show the person you’re coaching that you value them and want them to succeed. It’s not easy to have tough conversations, but this framework has helped me deliver coaching that will help the person’s development.”

How has the training impacted you?

“I’m more prepared to have difficult conversations and step outside my comfort zone. I understand the “why” behind the way DDC operates, and that will help me make decisions and have tough conversations when needed.

One of Dave’s teachings that stuck out to me is “the fear doesn’t go away until you do it.” It can be scary to apply for a new position or to one of DDC’s training courses because there is a chance that you will get rejected. What’s important is to take the chance and keep pushing forward.”

DDC is a great place to start in the beverage industry while picking up skills that translate to a long career with us. For more information about the positions we’re currently hiring for, click here.